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The problem I originally asked Anne to help me with had unexpectedly reversed by the time our scheduled meeting had arrived. I figured that after she learned about this turn around, there would be little she could help me with. I was completely wrong!

I was amazed as Anne quickly zeroed in on a character flaw that I’d been trying to overcome relating to my problem. She gave me concrete actions to take in order to put this trait behind me; she shared her insights with me to help me have a more balanced and realistic view of my original problem and of myself. At the end of our session, I felt empowered and very clear about what my next steps needed to be. Frankly, I was dazzled by the clarity that Anne provided. Today, I continue to feel so much clearer about myself and what I want from life thanks to Anne. I highly recommend a session with Anne to anyone!

Ana Maria Scott


It was great speaking with you last night. I really appreciated your support and input and will be following your advice over the course of the summer. It was nice to open up to someone about what's been going on and to have such kind feedback. I look forward to speaking with you again over the next few months.

Courtney Long, Monaco


My session with Anne was of great value. She enabled me to gain greater clarity about where I am now, where I'd like to go and what can help me get there. And none of it looked like what I expected! So I really am grateful for spending time with her because her perspective helped me to see things differently and become aware of new things. She also has a kindness and openness about her that struck me from the first time I met her and I would have no hesitation in recommending her work to others. Thank you Anne!

Sandy Leveque, France


During this challenging economic time Anne Naylor helped my wife and I communicate about personal finances that we had a hard time communicating about in the past. The process she used helped us recognize how our personal aspirations were tied together and the values we each brought to the challenges complemented each other's. Anne's warm facilitation through this insightful process moved us beyond the psychological obstacles that obstructed true progress. Today, eight months later, we are in a much better physical, emotional, and financial state of health for us and our children. Thank you, Anne!

C Scott Miller, California


When you coached me last year on wealth, I was living on my own in charming small flat, I was a freelance struggling financially and you said that it usually takes about 2-3 years to see the work you do manifested. I can witness that it can take much less time.

Last April, I moved in with my partner, we found a flat twice the size I had, with gardens in the front and back and silence which is a true luxury in Paris. We are enjoying a peaceful and supportive relationship respecting and giving space to each other and having fun too. Within the last 12 months, I have been on holidays to Thailand, Brazil, Kenya. Since the beginning of December, I am working for an English company in Paris on full time salary that goes beyond my wildest dreams. And more...

So I want to express to you my deep gratitude and admiration for the quality and the impact of your work.


How wonderful and useful to have all this. You go in so much detail and specificity about what we shared (for more than 2h) and also sum up beautifully and clearly your recommendations. I thank you so much for all the time you took to do this.

This is very precious. I already needed to be reminded of all the decisions I made and your further insights are on the point and I take them on board.

So again merci BEAUCOUP!
Catherine de Wulf

I would like to thank you for the consultation you gave me and follow up summary. I got exactly what I was looking for out of the consultation: it clarified things at a base level for me, and though I didn't give it conscious thought, over the following weeks things started to slot into place. It was good to get the follow up by post two weeks later, a very helpful summary.

I spent some time this week more consciously setting out a clearer plan for my business strategy, found that there was a lot of clarity of thought and purpose.

Now have a good action plan and bundles of energy and enthusiasm to start this new chapter of life!

Thanks again for being a great catalyst!

Very best wishes
Rebecca Marshall

Anne is an amazing transformational therapist and a true integrative thinker.

Bertrand Babinet

It’s a kind of Magic
Was it serendipitous, was it coincidence, was it the hand of God, who knows, perhaps only God his/herself knows. Last year my partner of many years and I decided to get married, we live just outside Lorgues and decided to have a family wedding here at our farmhouse. We asked a local Reverend to do our ceremony in the garden for us, we had a few misunderstandings and found that our religious beliefs did not match, my brother in law said ‘for goodness sake Tess find someone else, if you can’t I’ll do it for you’ So I set about finding someone else. Several friends had told me about Anne Naylor, so although we only had a few days to go before the big day, I gave her a ring, friendly welcoming and warm, she was happily free to do our wedding ceremony for us, within minutes she had sent me various different ceremonies to choose from and to add to and take away from. We had the perfect wedding in the garden, moving, simple and quite beautiful, Anne was a star and we were both filled with immense gratitude toward her.

So it is hardly surprising that it is Anne who I turned to when I suddenly found myself in a state of bewilderment and anxiety once we had married. I suppose it isn’t everyday that people marry over the age of fifty and it was the first time for both of us.  I was hit with a hurricane loaded with unresolved problems from the past, hidden and stored in ancient memories, tucked away into the depths of my being  ‘Ho ho they cried, it’s safe to come out now’ and come out they did. I needed counselling and I needed someone who I could feel totally safe with and who I trusted, I phoned Anne, who explained she usually did one or two long sessions, rather than see somebody once a week, I knew I need a continuum, and asked Anne if would consider once a week. She agreed, and off I trotted to Cannes every week for several months to receive Anne’s guidance, hope, strength, blessings, love, positive energy, and help, we went through some major childhood issues and I would come away from each session feeling renewed hope and clarity, magic was in the air and Anne worked her magic on me, she has been a gift from God and has been my angel on earth working me through some pretty dark days.

Thank you Anne
With love and Blessings

Anne has a skilled talent of assessing personal and professional situations, and bringing to realization what is right, and what will work best for you.  Aside from clarifying goals, you gain invaluable insight into yourself and life in general.  I finished my own personal/professional Clear Results Consultation session with a reframed mind of enthusiasm and hope, and energized about setting forth with a plan of action!  I have heard that happiness and success are not just the destination, but also the journey itself.....Anne knows that very well and succeeds in helping you to make both the journey and the destination a real joy.  Thank you Anne!
Michelle de Wolfe-Royer


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