Possible Dream Meeting

When Dreams Take FlightCreating a Positive Focus in Challenging Circumstances

"Man is so made that when anything fires his soul,
impossibilities vanish."

Jean de La Fontaine

A Possible Dream Meeting offers each member of the group a chance to talk about a Possible Dream they have:  to be, to do or to have whatever they would like to enrich their life with greater well-being, purpose and enjoyment.

During the typically 2 hour session, the positive orientation of the discussion releases fresh hope, enthusiasm and creativity to take steps in the direction of fulfilling those Dreams.

To start the Meeting, each person has a “5 minute share” to talk about their Possible Dream. The person talks without comment or interruption from anyone else.  A Possible Dream can be anything from taking part in an Ironman Marathon; to developing confidence as a public speaker; to having a Possible Dream holiday of a lifetime; to finding a partner; to getting a job with greater satisfaction; to filling an “empty nest” with new purpose.  Small or large, it does not matter.  What matters is that the Dream is important and of value to the individual.

A short refreshment break follows.  An awareness raising exercise then takes place to further anchor a positive expectation of successful outcomes.

Finally, each person has a “one minute share” to talk about what they have gained or learned and next actions they will be taking to move forward to achieve their Dream.


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