How To Self-Direct Your Career

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The era when we worked 48 hours a week, 48 weeks a year and 48 years for the same corporation are long past. Job security used to be found in being loyal to one boss or business - for a lifetime. As we have seen, this is now no longer the case. Real security is found within you. How is that?

If your career seems to have taken a downturn with the economy, look at it differently. Take stock of all you have learned and achieved in your work to date. Write it down so you can see it. Review the people who have assisted you along the way. You might like to call or write to them to express your appreciation for their help. If you felt you made some mistakes, take a moment to forgive yourself for them, or anyone else who might have been involved. Above all, have a sense of gratitude for all that you have gained so far in your working life.

Completing the past makes for the foundation of a new and better future. A final step is to reward yourself and celebrate your accomplishments so far. It does not have to cost much, if anything. A small gift to you, a special meal with a friend, a new book, time to walk in a favourite place in nature. Closing the door on what has gone allows a new door to open up for you, with fresh energy and enthusiasm for what is next.

You need to learn to be self-directing in your career, awake to many possibilities in one lifetime to achieve fulfillment and success. More important than ever is to know yourself; your particular aptitudes, gifts and talents; what you do that is useful to others, that makes you happy.

Each of us has a Personal Motivational Trend. A Personal Motivational Trend is defined by that which you are good at, you enjoy doing and with which you experience success. When you are engaged with what comes most naturally to you, you feel better, are motivated and inspired. You are true to yourself. Life flows.

What is success for you? What does success mean for you? Your ideas of success may have been coloured by parents, peers or colourful images in the media. But are they real for you? If your life could be the most rewarding, what would that be like for you? Allow yourself to be with the question a while. Answers may float up to you when you are least expecting them.

Recently, I was talking with Deborah D'Alessandro who runs Esprit Seminars - Creative Career Seminars for Women in the South of France. Deborah offers a very helpful Natural Abilities Analysis, which is available free of charge on her website.

Among other topics, we discussed the challenges that women in business meet. Look at the four issues that typically cause women to fail in business. These may also apply to some men. They reflect the frailty of self-doubt.

1. Insecurity
Women lack the confidence to push their way through hurdles and challenges, the obstacles that show up on the way to achieving an objective.

2. Distraction
Women tend to lose focus and get pulled in different directions on the way to achieving what they want.

3. Put others first
If someone, especially a family member or close friend, needs to talk for example, important goals get put to one side.

4. Take things personally
Facing criticism, women tend to cave in rather than step forward and hold to their intention.

Last week's post focused on building your inner strength Clearly, your inner strength is important for staying on track with the course you have set for yourself.

Sometimes called a Living Vision, a Mind Movie is an excellent resource to keep you in touch with your important values, intentions and goals. You make it up with a combination of affirmations, images and music that inspire and lift you. Watched morning and/or evening, a Mind Movie keeps you focused each day on the outcomes you wish to create and experience.

Here is an example:

Have you ever made any brave career moves? What gives you the greatest satisfaction in your working life? Do you have a vocation you would love to fulfill, if only you had the courage?


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