How To Have Fun With A Wish List

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Have you ever been around a child who, with single-mindedness of purpose, has got just what they wanted - like a puppy, a new pair of shoes, a treat of some kind? Perhaps you have achieved the results of clear, unfettered focus, going for something you really wanted, that was important to you.

One of my most dramatic experiences of this came about through an exercise in a personal development programme. There were over 200 of us in the group. We were told to approach fellow participants, one by one, and ask for whatever we wanted. The other person could give you a "yes" or a "no". Then, that person asked you for what they wanted. The game was that for every "yes" you gave, you had to give 9 "no's".

Whether you received a yes or a no was random. What I was asking for at that time was totally out of the question. My partner's business was going through a rough time and there were no funds for my request - to travel around the world first class. I had so much fun asking for what I wanted. The energy in the group built as we spoke our requests. There was no investment or attachment in the outcome beyond simply asking for what we wanted.

8 months later, my partner was talking about going on holiday. We could go to the Scilly Isles (off the coast of Cornwall). At Easter time, the daffodils would be lovely there. Or we could go round the world first class. There were airline deals that considerably reduced the costs. He did not know about the game I had played. So after a little careful consideration, I chose the first class travel option. It was the experience of a lifetime for me.

It is too easy when being deluged with bad news to lose sight of your dreams and give up hope. The good news about a changing world is that it is just that. Changing. The further good news is that each one of us can creatively have an impact and choose the positive changes for ourselves that we do want.

Perhaps in recent years, you have been used to being able to buy pretty much anything you wanted. These days, possibly not. You are having to be careful with your finances. I have been learning from friends a process I call Wish Listing. Here is how it goes for those things you would really like to have, but for which you do not have the money immediately to hand.

There is power in an innocent request.

1. Make Your Wish

What is it that you would really like? A carpet for your living room; a new winter coat; a holiday; a job that really matches your skills and aspirations; an outing which brings you joy. This can be a List - you might have more than one.

2. Rate Your Wish

On a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is strong and 1 is weak, how much do you want your wish? This is more of a heart feeling, not so much a rational reason. If the number is less than 7, you may not want it that much.

3. Write down the details of what you want

Make a description of your wish, as vividly as you can. See yourself with it. Feel the pleasure that it gives you. Hear others celebrating with you. Experience it as fully as you can.

For example, if your wish were for a renovated kitchen, imagine the pleasure of preparing meals there for family and friends and the little touches that would make it special for you.

4. Put your wish on a card...

.... and put the card somewhere you see it frequently - on your desk; in your car; as a bookmark; in the bathroom (plasticized !); on the fridge.

5. Engage wonder

This process was taught to me by a retired US Air Force Colonel. You write on a separate 5 x 3 card: I wonder how it is possible for me to.... and you fill in your wish. So it could be: upgrade the kitchen; find a great weekend bargain break; create a memorable birthday party for Susie.

Last thing at night, or first thing in the morning, repeat the I wonder statement a few times when your mind is most receptive. Do this for 3 days.

6. Take action

Start to explore where you can realize your wish. You might go on the internet; find garage sales in your neighbourhood; get on the phone and talk to people who might be able to assist you.

7. Keep an open mind

Allow time and and be receptive about when and how your wish may be delivered to you. Be prepared to be surprised.

In these times when life is challenging for many of us, please do not lose sight of your dreams and aspirations. They were never more valuable. Working towards what you really want in your heart of hearts, will give you the fuel to keep going; to overcome the obstacles; to achieve even what may seem impossible.

Do you have a secret dream that you have tucked away in the back of your mind? Are there people around you with whom you can brainstorm and get encouragement to go for what you want? Have you ever had a heartfelt wish come true?


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