Anne Naylor Wedding Ceremony

Each Ceremony I create and officiate is unique. It is a joy, pleasure and a blessing to prepare and conduct a celebration that honours the love that you share on this important day in your lives. I perform ceremonies ranging from large formal religious events to small intimate family occasions.

 Fees for my services reflect the time taken to create and officiate a Ceremony that will make the day most meaningful and memorable for you. When you have chosen your date, I ask for a 50% Booking Confirmation fee to reserve the time for you.

 Where appropriate, travel and accommodation expenses are charged in addition to the basic fee.

 A Renewal of Vows ceremony may be created for those special anniversaries, to re-affirm your love and devotion to each other.

 A Wedding Ceremony Design Service is offered to couples for those occasions when I am not available to perform the Ceremony for you.  Please ask for more details.

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